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ash lew embodies the teachings of her spiritual awakening to intuitively inspire the collective. shifting the trajectory of her life by courageously facing the uncomfortable truths of her reality, she believes in the power of being fearlessly authentic. transmuting grief into love, the space she creates for the safety of your heart to quest is the nurturance we crave so deeply.


200hr Indigo YTT certified psychedelic practitioner by The Psychedelic Coaching Institute, IFS informed psychedelic practitioner by The Moxie School, certified massage therapist and health educator by National Holistic Institute and founder of HOLISTIKA.

our founders why

HOLISTIKA is dedicated in honorable remembrance of our founders late ancestors, Henrietta Jasmine Cheung (12/14/23-3/8/18) Cecilia Cheung (5/21/58-6/4/22) Elisabeth Lynne Graham (1/19/67-6/27/22) and Lora LaFranchi Graham (6/29/37-3/8/23) Healing the paths of her lineage, Ash Lew founded Holistika from a deep place of resonance and love. Freeing herself from a life of pain, addiction and trauma through various and consistent holistic practices, vigorous mentorship and intentional use of psychedelics, her devotion towards fulfillment is carried through into our space. Through perseverance and wisdom, the trajectory of ones life has the power to expand into a vibrational frequency of love she wishes upon all. Ash knows this to be true because she has courageously committed her life to healing the wounds of those who have left us. Immense grief met with bravery, curiosity and love has flourished into gratitude and a strong passion to aide in the navigation of your quest. 

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